Passionate about computer science and technology, digital freedom and education.


After a joint Ph.D. in computer computer science in 2016 between Université Paris 13 and Università di Bologna, he is now an associate researcher at the Computer Science Department. Previously, he held research and teaching positions at Paris 13 (2011-2015) and Paris Diderot (2015-2016).

His research activities are placed on the logical foundations of programming languages, proof theory and rewriting theory, where he studies and develops models and techniques for the implementation and the semantics of functional languages. He served as a teacher at the UFR d’informatique de Paris Diderot, after a long period at the Institut Galilée de Paris 13 where, beside the numerous and various teaching assistances, he has been in charge for the web technologies course (2011-2015), and the Unix/Linux system administration course (2012-2015).


Outside academia, he is the founder and director of the micro-provider XT3. Since 2006 XT3 has been committed to the integration and maintainance of Internet services that are respectful of users’ freedom, and built with free or open source software. He also engaged in professional collaborations as a freelancer system administrator and as a typographer, in particular as a TeXnician.


Most of his spare time before 2012 was committed to voluntary education activities as a scout leader in AGESCI.